Cobra Aerojet MAX Fairway

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  • Cobra Aerojet MAX Fairway
  • Cobra Aerojet MAX Fairway
  • Cobra Aerojet MAX Fairway
  • Cobra Aerojet MAX Fairway
  • Cobra Aerojet MAX Fairway
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Aerojet Max Fairway

Confidence by Design
Elegant looks to inspire confidence and consistency from anywhere on the course.

Max Forgiveness & Draw-Biased Control
Adjustable back and heel weight positioning allows you to fine-tune draw bias in our most forgiving head. 

Tighter Dispersion
A raw carbon fiber crown allows saved weight to be shifted lower and back, creating a more playable clubhead.

More Launch. More Ball Speed
The PWRSHELL insert and suspended weight PWR-BRIDGE design create a more flexible face and sole to maximize launch and ball speed.

Shaft Specs
MCA Kai'li Blue 60

Prepreg and an MR70-reinforced tip, which combine to make Kai’li™ Blue MCA's stablest and smoothest blue profile yet. A modern mid-launching, mid-spinning shaft built to provide the stability demanded by stronger swings and heavier head weights.

MCA Kai'li Blue 60
MCA Kai'li Blue 60 S 66g (S) Mid Mid 4.3 0.37

UST Helium Nanocore 5F2

Ultra High Performance lightweight golf shaft design, featuring our new Nanocore Technology for increased clubhead speed. Innovative materials and design profile stabilize shaft flexural and torsional characteristics in harmony with the ultra light weight design to optimize shaft performance and consistency with precise feel.

UST Helium Nanocore 5F2, 5F3

UST Helium Nanocore 5F2 R, A 5F3 (55g), 5F2 (52g) High Mid 5.7 0.37


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