Leupold GX-3c Golf Rangefinder

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  • Leupold GX-3c Golf Rangefinder
  • Leupold GX-3c Golf Rangefinder


GX-3c Golf Rangefinder

If you want to dominate tournament play without thinking twice about which mode your rangefinder is in, the GX®-3c is the model for you. It provides precise, line-of-sight ranging distances, so you can eliminate errors on the course no matter what conditions you’re playing your next tournament in.

Line of Sight (LOS) calculates the distance to a target in a straight line, regardless of any incline or decline.
PinHunter® laser technology helps the laser lock onto the pin, which eliminates inaccurate readings due to the laser missing the pin and hitting bushes or trees behind it.
Flag Lock technology effectively identifies the pin from the surrounding hazards (like trees and bushes) for quicker, more accurate yardages. 

Part # 181269
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