Titleist Pro V1 AIM Golf Balls

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  • Titleist Pro V1 AIM Golf Balls
  • Titleist Pro V1 AIM Golf Balls


Pro V1 golf balls are recognized as one of the top used ball on Tours and are engineered with speed, low spin, and short game control along with a super soft feel.


  • Alignment Stamp to Increase Accuracy
  • 17% Urethane Elastomer Cover System enhances ball speed, resulting in longer, faster shots.
  • New Casing Layers improve ball speed even further while maintaining low spin, enhancing every shot you make.
  • New 2.0 ZG Process Core improves the distance your stroke makes along with a super-soft feel.
  • 352 Tetrahedral Dimple Design improves the aerodynamics, reducing wind resistance and providing higher and farther shots.
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