Wilson Triad Raw Golf Balls

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Wilson Triad Raw (Non-Coated) Golf Ball

High MOI for Tour-Level Accuracy

Unconventional Finish with Uncompromised Performance
Triad R is engineered with power, precision and a revolutionary non-coated surface for flawless performance from tee to green.

High MOI Design
Triad’s high MOI design moves weight from the core to the outer layers of the golf ball resulting in faster ball speed and lower driver spin for a more stable ball flight and more fairways hit.

Non-Coated Urethane Cover
Featuring a thin, non-coated urethane cover that delivers the purest club face interaction for better control and consistently straighter flight.

Patented Tri-Balanced™ Construction
Triad’s patented Tri-Balanced™ construction moved weight from the core to the other layers so that each layer has the same material density. This negates any defects from manufacturing tolerances, making Triad effectively perform like a one-piece ball for pinpoint accuracy and putts that roll true.

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