TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls

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Kalea Golf Balls
Engineered For You
Every golfer deserves a ball designed to match their game. Kalea is engineered with women golfers in mind and made to promote greater lift and more distance while maintaining a soft feel.

Features & Benefits:
Soft 60 Compression

Soft ionomer cover and large soft core for extra soft feel.
React Core
High energy core designed to retain energy for maximum distance off the tee.
Aerodynamic 342 Dimple Pattern
Designed to maintain lift for added distance

Built For Distance
The high-energy REACT™ core is engineered to deliver maximum distance off the tee. It is designed to retain energy and works in conjunction with the two-layer construction to provide optimal driver launch at moderate swing speeds. An aerodynamic 342 dimple pattern helps maintain lift to promote added distance.

Soft Feel & Greenside Spin
The ionomer cover with an extra-large core generates a soft 60 compression for enhanced feel and responsive short game performance. The UV resistant matte paint on the Peach and Purple models provides added visibility and unique aesthetics.


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