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Pinned Golf Prism Rangefinder

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The Prism rangefinder is the best looking and most feature packed golf rangefinder on the course! The Prism combines advanced software, top tier materials and a jaw dropping display to allow you to be dialed in every round.


Built-In Magnet
USB-C Charged
PinnedLock Vibration

Slope: Gives you a true playing distance.
Built-In Magnet: Never falls off.
USB-C Charged: One charge lasts 60 rounds.
PinnedLock Vibration: Confidence when you're locked on to the target.

Auto Optimized Display
Tournament Legal
Two-Year Warranty

Battery: One charge lasts 60 rounds.
Auto Optimized Display: Red or black display depending on brightness of day.
Tournament Legal
Two-year Warranty

Additional Features:
1,000 Yd Range:
Good luck outdriving us.

Magnifaction: 7x
Water Resistant: Rain, rain go away.

What's in the box?
The Prism Golf Rangefinder
Colored Hard Cover Case
USB-C Charging Cord
Instruction Manual
Lens Cleaning Cloth
Ball Marker
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