ProActive Sports

Proactive 4 To Go Beverage Cooler Bag

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  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red


  • Holds up to 4 cans or 2 bottled beverages
  • Insulated inner lining locks in temperature to keep contents cool
  • Comes with shoulder strap and clip to attach to golf cart or backpack
  • Works with ice or freezer packs

The 4-To-Go Beverage Cooler from ProActive Sports holds up to 4 cans or 2 bottles and keeps them cool for hours. Simply add ice to the cooler, drop in your beverages, and have ice cold drinks anywhere or anytime you want them. Featuring a shoulder strap and a clip, this cooler can be carried over the shoulder or clipped to your golf bag or backpack. Now you can have cold beverages when golfing, hiking, or you're a spectator at the game. Available in Black, Blue, or Red, the 4-To-Go Cooler by ProActive Sports is ready to go whenever and wherever you want to.

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