ProActive Sports

ProActive Sports Hat Saver Sweat Stop Spray

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  • Keeps hats looking new by stopping sweat stains before they happen
  • Repels sweat, water, dirt, and oily stains
  • Works on all types and fabrics of hats, including suede, leather, and straw
  • Allows your hat to breathe
  • The non-toxic formula dries completely in only 15 minutes

Keep your hats looking new with Hat Saver. This spray-on water-repellent formula will prevent sweat, rain, dirt, and oil from ruining your headwear. Unlike other products that seal the fabric, Hat Saver allows it to breathe for optimal comfort and stain protection. Just spray your hat with Hat Saver, wait 15 minutes, and you are good to go! Great for all sports and outdoor activities such as golf, baseball, tennis, camping, or hiking. Hat Saver uses a non-toxic formula and 1 bottle treats approximately 6-8 hats. Stop wasting money buying new hats. Save the ones you have with Hat Saver!

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