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Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder

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  • Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder
  • Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder
  • Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder
  • Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder
  • Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder
  • Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder
  • Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder
  • Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder
  • Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) Rangefinder


Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen)

Laser Rangefinder featuring GPS Distances and Performance Tracking

The PRO LX+ is the ultimate on-course device with three products in one; a laser rangefinder, GPS functionality and performance tracking. Complete with F/M/B yardages and Target-lock technology, you will find the pin on every green with ease.

Featuring x7 magnification, Rapid-fire detection, enhanced stabilisation, and a range of 900 yards you can be confident in your yardage. With the ability to detach the H4 Handheld from the PRO LX, you can use each product independently or together to suit your needs. The handheld can be attached to your golf bag or clipped to your belt for easy access. Both products now feature a built-in magnet so you can position the laser and GPS wherever you prefer.

To performance track your round, tap your selected club against the GPS device before you play your shot. Post round, upload your data via Bluetooth to access over 100 statistics about your game, which in turn will aid with performance improvement.

Key Features
F/M/B GPS distances
Adaptive slope technology
Performance tracking
Red/Black dual optics
Rapid-fore detection
Extra-strong cart magnet

Shot Scope's most powerful rangefinder to date
The new and improved Shot Scope PRO LX+ (2nd Gen) has it all - perfect for the golfer that wants the pinpoint accuracy of a laser rangefinder accompanied with the practicality of a GPS.
Preloaded with 36,000 courses and built-in performance tracking, a product like no other.

Red/Black dual optics
Customise the PRO LX+ laser rangefinder display, choosing either Red or Black. Each color stands out against different backgrounds and can be easily switched between to suit your needs. No matter the weather, you can be confident in your PRO LX+.

Built-in cart magnet
Easily access your PRO LX+ with the built-in extra strong cart magnet. Golfers can simply attach their rangefinder to the frame of the cart and access it on the go, no more searching through your bag.

Adaptive slope technology
Adaptive slope technology adjusts your distance to the target based on any elevation change you may encounter. By removing the guesswork, you can be certain that you have selected the correct club and commit to your shot. This feature can be turned on/off to comply with tournament regulations.

x7 Zoom
Equipped with x7 magnification, even the most distant of targets are clear and visible. Accurate to within a yard, with a range of 900 yards the PRO LX+ is our most powerful laser rangefinder on the market.

Shot tracking
Shot Scope’s 16 lightweight tags easily screw into the butt-end of every club. You simply tap the tag against the GPS handheld and a vibration will confirm club detection. Then simply hit your shot and the club as well as location will be recorded.

Target-lock & Rapid-fire technology
Accurately hit any target with the new anti-slip grip and enhanced stabilization accompanied with Target-lock technology. Combine this with Rapid-fire detection and you can be assured that you hit your target every time.

Free app with no subscription
Upload your round with the free Shot Scope mobile app and dive into 100s of performance statistics giving you a valuable insight into your game, at no additional cost.

What’s included:
• 1x Shot Scope PRO LX+ (PRO LX Laser + H4 Handheld)
• 16x tracking tags
• 1x USB clip charger for GPS Handheld
• 1x carabiner
• 1x metal belt clip
• 1x laser carry case
• 1x CR2 3v Battery for Laser Rangefinder
• Free iOS / Android Shot Scope app
• Statistics platform with Strokes Gained (accessed through Shot Scope mobile apps or web dashboard)

Two-year warranty

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