Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

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  • Soft Feel white (dozen)
  • Soft Feel yellow (dozen)
  • Soft Feel white (single)
  • Soft Feel yellow (single)
  • Soft Feel white (single)
  • Soft Feel white (single)
  • Soft Feel yellow (single)
  • Soft Feel yellow (single)


SOFT FEEL Golf Balls

Whether off the tee, approaching, or around the greens, SOFT FEEL lives up to its name. Experience incredible softness with a solid yet comfortable impact on every swing, plus enhanced distance—giving you more confidence as you address each shot.

SOFT FEEL features Srixon’s FastLayer Core technology, the same core tech used in all our premium golf balls. SOFT FEEL’s uniquely formulated FastLayer Core gradually transitions from soft inner core to firm outer edge, so it behaves like a core with thousands of layers.
Its softer inner layers provide an exceptional feel, while also dramatically reducing long-game sidespin. Its firmer outer layers offer added resiliency, helping it to rebound quicker off the face after impact for more ball speed and greater distance.

Designed with Srixon’s proven combination of dimple uniformity and occupancy, the 338 SPEED DIMPLE™ PATTERN improves ball flight performance with Drivers, Woods and Irons by reducing drag and increasing lift.

A lower drag coefficient means the ball cuts through air with less resistance for more speed and a more penetrating launch. That reduced drag also fights against the wind, so your shots fly straighter—even in harsh conditions. Then, a higher lift coefficient pushes up on the ball throughout its descent, slowing its fall and forcing it to stay in the air longer for maximized distance.

Provides more greenside spin and a softer feel on all pitches, chips and putts.

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