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Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 Hybrid

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  • Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 Hybrid
  • Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 Hybrid
  • Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 Hybrid
  • Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 Hybrid


Hot Launch E524 Hybrid

The Extreme Game Improvement E524 Hybrid includes the patented Houdini Sole along with a super-shallow face, slice-fighting offset designs and heel weighting for added draw bias.

Houdini Sole Technology - The Houdini Sole includes an area of mass concentrated on the trailing edge of the sole of the clubhead, as well as a curved leading edge under the face. This unique and patented design creates more area to put extra mass, allowing Tour Edge engineers to precisely position weight in the head for an ultra-low lower Center of Gravity (7% lower than E523), optimizing launch conditions and improving stability.

Ridgeback Technology - TE engineers have brought the Ridgeback Tech concept from Exotics to Hot Launch with the addition of a Ridgeback rail on the crown of the clubhead. The Ridgeback rail provides increased structural properties that help produce more power across the entire face, including the extreme perimeters. The Ridgeback activation is also utilized as a unique alignment aid at address.

Diamond Face VFT - Diamond Face VFT technology is a breakthrough in face technology that features 39 different thick and thin diamond shapes or “mini-trampolines” behind the face. Diamond Face VFT produces a hotter face with faster ball speeds and better performance on off-center hits, as well as reduced spin.

Heel Weighted Slice-Fighting Offset Design - Offset designs are combined with a heel sole weight to provide the ultimate in slice fighting technology. The offset design of the E524 Hybrid added with a heel sole weight allows the face to square up at impact for straighter ball flight. The strategically placed heel draw-bias weighting of the E Series offset designs are engineered to help golfers avoid the right side of the course and to increase launch.

Larger Footprint Hybrid Design with a Super Shallow Face Design - The super-shallow face with an 11% percent larger hitting area in the Hot Launch E hybrids is designed for extreme playability and high-flying launch characteristics. The extremely shallow face with the larger hitting area produces higher launch angles and extreme ease of launch with extreme forgiveness.

Ultra-Light Premium Shafts – The E524 Hybrid comes stock with an ultra-light ALDILA ASCENT PL (Performance Light) graphite shaft.

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